Inclusive Innovation
is the Future.


We are creating new pathways and transformational opportunities for Canada's Black Community, Indigenous Peoples and People of Colour (BIPOC). Whether it's a life-changing job opportunity, mentorship or access to revenue, we're focused on co-creating opportunities for success.

CILAR is made up of Canada’s top innovation leaders focused on creating platforms that break down systemic barriers for a truly inclusive future.


Be bold, ambitious and open to stretching conventional ways of driving change. We're here for the long-term, because this is a complex challenge that we all share. Together, we will create sustained impact.

Our Work

We are focused on increasing access and opportunity for BIPOC men and women in the Innovation Economy through these integrated pillars.

Youth Development

Job Opportunities

Venture & Capital Support

Leadership & Community

Inclusive Innovation & Technology

What is the Innovation Economy?

The Innovation Economy is where science, technology, entrepreneurship and our advanced organizations come together to build the future.

Our ventures and advanced industries create jobs, ideas and opportunities that drive our economy forward and, most importantly, it's where everyone's diverse identities, experiences and perspectives are crucial to build inclusive innovation.

Today, the IEC reports that the Innovation Economy drives 12% of Canadian GDP, 10% of employment and is growing 3x faster than traditional sectors. This is our opportunity to scale inclusion into the future.

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101 College St, Toronto, ON, M5G 1L7
Find Us

101 College St, Toronto, ON, M5G 1L7