Welcome to a Transformative Dialogue - Nabeela Ixtabalan and Karina Gould

A journey of empathy, insight, and solidarity as you witness a poignant conversation between two remarkable industry leaders and mothers Nabeela Ixtabalan (Executive Coach, The Marshall Goldsmith Group) and Karina Gould (Leader of Government in the House of Commons). This captivating video delves into their personal experiences and perspectives, shedding light on the complexities of navigating identity, faith, and community in the face of rising hate and discrimination.

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Experience Their Stories

Nabeela shares her heartfelt journey as a first-generation American of Lebanese descent who found herself compelled to move to Canada amidst escalating Islamophobia. Meanwhile, Minister Gould, a leader in the Canadian government and a person of Jewish faith, offers her unique insights into the challenges faced by her community in the wake of mounting anti-Semitism.

Confronting Hate Head-On

With raw honesty and unwavering courage, both speakers confront the devastating impact of hate on their respective communities. From bomb threats to attacks on religious institutions, they bravely confront the harsh realities of bigotry and discrimination in Canadian society.

A Call to Dialogue, Allyship and Understanding

In the face of adversity, Nabeela and Minister Gould issue a compelling call to action: to bridge divides through open dialogue, empathy, and active listening. They emphasize the urgent need for compassionate conversations that foster understanding and solidarity among diverse communities. Fostering the necessity of urgency in cultivating compassion and addressing systemic barriers to combat racism and discrimination.

Join the Movement

Are you ready to be part of a movement for change? Watch the video now and join us in championing understanding, empathy, and solidarity across communities in Canada.

Highlights from the Conversation

"We don't get to tell a black person what to feel and think. When a black life is viciously and unjustly taken. We don't get to tell an Israeli person or a Jewish person how to feel or think when they've experienced and seen the trauma that they've seen. You don't get to tell a Palestinian person or an Indigenous person how to feel and think when they're experiencing trauma in their community"

Nabeela Ixtabalan

Executive Coach, The Marshall Goldsmith Group

"Is there any way we can get together and have a dialogue in private? Talk to each other. And I understand, though, too, that the grief and the pain and the hurt and the trauma is so raw that it might not be possible in this moment, but it's actually this moment that we need to be having those conversations."

Minister Gould

Leader of Government in the House of Commons